Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Bookshelf.

I love my room.   For me, my room is my sanctuary and it is so important for it to be cozy and welcoming and an expression of who I am.  I have lived in my current apartment for almost a year now and it is still a work in progress (I have a feeling it always will be...).  The focal point of my room and the thing I love the most is my bookshelf.  Its funny that I call it this considering the only books that are actually in it are tucked away in the far upper corner of the topmost shelf...

I think every room should have a bookshelf. They are so versatile!  It can be used as a place to display keepsakes, store your clutter, organize your life, and add some decoration.  Personally I think the best way to design a bookshelf is to mix personal items with decorative pieces.  I love displaying jewelry and perfume as decoration.  All those random pieces or paper or photos that you just cant throw away can be hidden away in colorful boxes.  Tucking hair or makeup products into cute baskets keeps everything looking organized.  It is the perfect balance between personality and design.

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